Fast Lube

Stan Design offers the Fast Lube Owner a number of different lifting systems for doing tire rotation and tire service.

If you are a Fast Lube owner and you are not rotating your customers tires, some other service shop is. So why not get that business for yourself. Stan Design makes it easy for you to offer this service.

We have lifting systems for as low as $1900.00. Thats very affordable considering in one year you can generate at least $24,000.00 offering tire rotation to your customers.

Stan Design offers a number of solutions for Fast Lube tire rotation. Rolling pit jacks are installed in pairs in your pit and roll back and forth. They lift the vehicle at the rear axle and the front axle.

We also offer Pad Lifts that stradle your pit opening and lift a vehicle on the factory reccomended pick up points.

Please continue on to see all of our Fast Lube products that make you MONEY!

Tire Rotation-Rolling Pit Jack In Action

LM8000P Typical Installation