7,000 lb. capacity HYDRAULIC rolling pit jack air/hydraulic pump design with adjustable rails, multi-level lock, low and high lift adaptors, HD hydraulics powder paint frame


  • 7,000 Lb. Cap.
  • 12" lifting height!
  • Multi-level locking system
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulics and air motor
  • Quality construction with powder coat paint
  • Rubber blocks for lifting
  • Telescoping arms and wheel assemblies
  • Chrome plated hydraulic cylinder


The HotRodder jacks offer great performance with an extended lift height of 12" that's a lot higher than other jack in its class. Also the jacks feature poly wheels for most all lift applications. The wheels provide smooth rolling action and low maintenance.

More Features

The HotRodder series of jacks offers an inexpensive way to get your Fast Lube doing tire rotations and service. With a pair of 4,500 lb. cap jack you have the equivalent of a 9,000 lb. cap lift in your pit! That's a whole lot more capacity than Bend-Pak, Challenger and others. Stan Design designs the jack to your pit so installation is a breeze. Also with our pit jacks there is no construction work needed. Our jacks arrive by truck and you install them yourself! It's that easy.


Fast Lube Pits
Fast-Lube jacks are designed to fit your individual pit application. It's easy to get started just send us a pic of the inside of your pit and we can tell you how our jacks will work with your existing pit walls.

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