Tire Service Lifts

Stan Design Inc. has made a commitment to offer the Fast Lube Industry only the most effecient and highest quality products for performing tire service.

Our LM8000P series tire rotation lift is the ULTIMATE in tire service lifts…



Hello. If you are reading this you are probably considering getting into tire rotation in your Fast Lube. And you're wondering if it's worth it. Have a look below to see how much money you have already lost and ask yourself if you want to continue losing money?

  1. Average number of tire rotations done per year by Fast Lubes = 1200-1500 cars
  2. Average charge by Fast Lubes for a tire rotation service = $20.00 – $25.00/ service
  3. Want to know how much revenue you've been losing?
    1. 1200 X 20 = $24,000.00/ year X # of years____ = $
    2. 1200 X 25 = $30,000.00/ year X # of years____ = $

Now let's do the Return on Investment or ROI

# of tire rot/year X Service: 1200 X $20 = $24,000.00

Less labour for tire rot: 15/4 X 1200 Minus $4500.00

Cost of equipment minus $4500.00

NET PROFIT = $15,000.00

  1. Cost of a Stan Design Pit Jack system $4500.00/(20.00-3.75) = 276
  2. Payback time is 276 tire rotations (including labour cost). By your 277 you are all profit!