LM8000P Shown- 8,000 Lb. Cap


$8995.00 USD

8,000 lb. capacity HYDRAULIC Mid Rise Pad Lift
Two Independent Scissor Pad Lifts
Dual hydraulic cylinders with auto equalization multi-level lock, 30" lift height ,low and high lift adaptors, podium conrol panel, 220v p phase power
Durable powder paint finish.

High Performance Tire Service It is the only lift available that utilizes a proven Master/Slave dual hydraulic system for lifting. This provides you with an extremely smooth acting lift with none of the usual jerkyness and squeeling found on other lifts. It also allows the lifting platforms to be completely independant of each other so there are no obstructions in your pit! This system is found on the most advanced lifts in the world. Other high end features include the multi-level lock, located on each of the hydraulics that are always on and are disengaged pneumatically with the push of a button.

The LM8000P has other high end features like a freestanding pedastle control panel. No other lift of the market has this convenience. All of the lifts controls are at your operators finger tips including some that are exclusive to the LM8000P. Like the sound alarm which is on while the lift is in operation. Also the emergency stop button, and the Optical sensor control lock out. The optical sensors operate as a failsafe back up for added safety. If the ramps should become uneven the optical sensors will stop the lift from operating, until the issue is resolved

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