J18000H- 18,000 Lb. Cap


$11395.00 USD

POWER JACK 18,000 lb. capacity HYDRAULIC rolling jack air/hydraulic pump design with adjustable rails, Dual multi-level lock, low and high lift adaptors, HD hydraulics zinc plated components with powder paint frame.

  • 18,000 Lb. Cap
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulics
  • Dual Multi-level safety
  • Dual hand controls (Dead-Man)
  • Stackable adapters, low and high included
  • Can be used on the top of the jack for narrow pick up points
  • Extended lifting height
  • Smooth operation
  • Special roller bearing wheels allow for effortless rolling
  • Convenient pull handle
  • High gloss powder coat paint
  • Zinc plated components and accessories


  • Aboveground Lifts: Stanjacks are universal so they will fit most every aboveground lift. Including, Rotary, Challenger, Forward, Stertil-Koni, ARI-HETRA, Giro-Lift, Stenhoj, Mohawk, and many more...
  • Truck and Bus Pits StanJacks will fit down into your existing truck or bus inspection pit allowing you do perform many service operations

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